Computer Vision


MedDiagnose applies the potential of AI in healthcare. This service is designed to provide a preliminary diagnosis for medical conditions such as brain tumors and skin lesions. It is also applicable on X-rays to scan for diagnosis. To receive your diagnosis, this is done by uploading a medical image and customizing your preferred analysis method. This service aims to enhance accuracy and efficiency in the healthcare sector.

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SirenClassify is apt for vehicle recognition and analysis. Specifically, it incorporates AI methods to swiftly recognize and categorize emergency vehicles from your selected photo and videos. This is performed through advanced machine learning algorithms. SirenClassify can be applied to improve police work, security operations and traffic management. Similar to our other services, the method of using this service is simple.

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ItemMatch is a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to streamline and enhance the online shopping experience. This cutting-edge system delivers highly accurate product recommendations, eliminating endless scrolling and inefficiencies in product searches. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, ItemMatch tailors suggestions based on product descriptions, attributes, and stock status, delivering a personalized and efficient shopping experience for users and significantly improving user satisfaction.

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